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Ipad 2 Screen Replacement

Ipad 2 Screen Replacement
Ipad 2 Glass repair we will carry on day-to-day. Cracks of any depth, glass imperfections, other Ipad 2 glass problems - won't stop us.

Strongly confident in quality of our best OEM parts and service, we give 90 days warranty on parts and labour.

Ipad 2 Glass replacement could be made:
1. by postal forwarding. You put the item into shopping cart, tick convient for you shipping options, pack (Read the instruction below) and send it to us.
2. personally. Drop by to our shop in Chicago IL, 60611, Near North.

We are not far from such districts as:
  • Chicago Loop, Gold coast, Old town, River north, Cabrini green, Magnificent mile.
    Our Price: $79.99
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    90 Day warranty covers parts and labor. This provides you with the assurance that we stand by our work. During the 90 day period after the repair, if the replaced part malfunctions or the original problem re-occurs, we will repair your device free of any charge to you. The warranty, however, is voided if the damage was caused by the customer, if the problem is different from the original or if a third party attempted to repair the device. The warranty applies to only one device per repair. The device is recorded into our database by make, model and device identification number (IMEI).

    Personal Information

    Before sending in your device, please remove your: sim card, memory card, any casing or accessory for the device. Also we ask and strongly recommend to back up all the information before sending in your device for repair or diagnostics. If the device is password protected we might require the password. In this case we will contact you and explain for what reason we require it. All the data on the device is confidential and we will respect your personal information and obey your privacy and confidentiality.